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09/27/2014  Weimar Meet SISD  Cross Country

Weimar 2014

Varsity Girls:
Claira Crim 38th 14:16
Kassi Velazques 39th 14:16
Abby Smith 52nd 14:57
Mallory Vrazel 70th 15:38
Victoria Juarez 66th 15:29
Megan Zapalac 90th 16:58
Elizabeth Pesl 94th 18:15

Varsity Boys:
Rudy Garcia 22nd 19:03
Kyle Treybig 23rd 19:19
Billy Stovall 43rd 20:45
Leo Volez 49th 21:09
Vitor Juarez 72nd 23:13
Jacob Michalke 80th 25:20
Byran Adcox 85th 30;00
Dylan Kubala 86th 30:00

The girls finished 9th overall and the boys finished 5th overall.