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02/24/2014  Shiner Tourney SISD  Tennis

The Schulenburg Varsity Tennis team traveled to Shiner to participate in a tournament on Monday, February 24th. Schulenburg again was the very last team to leave the courts with an intense Championship between 2 Schulenburg young ladies that went into a tie break and gave Schulenburg both a First Place and a Second Place in Girls Singles Competition.

Kristin Moring received First Place and Kelsie Fietsam received Second Place.

Also in Championship play were Boys Doubles Team of Mickey Olle and Michael Kubesch receiving First Place medals.

And yet another Doubles Team of Montana Olle and Shannon Mikesky received a First Place in the Championship match for Mixed Doubles play.

Other players that advanced were Jacob Michalke and Kayla Schaefer in Mixed Finals also advanced to Final Consolation match falling short to Glen and Kelsie of Rice. And Seth Eckhardt made it to the Consolation semi-final match.

In Girls Doubles play Britny Meyer and Brooke Taylor won their first match vs a LaGrange duo of Alyssa Wick and Kassidy Hakemack in a tight one of 8-6, but fell to the combination of another LaGrange duo that advanced to become the Champions of Girls doubles