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03/18/2013  Schulenburg Boys Powerlifting SISD  Powerlifting

The Schulenburg Boys Powerlifting team competed in the Boys Regional Power Lifting meet on March 8th. The boys that competed were: Tristan Wendt, Dalton Manning and Ty Winkler. Tristan bombed out after not being able to complete his squat attempts after a back injury forced him to withdraw from the competition

Ty Winkler came in to the region tied for 10th and left 6th. He put up his personal best at the meet also. On Squat he lifted : 450 lbs
On Bench he lifted :265 lbs
On Deadlift he lifted: 445 lbs

Dalton Manning came in 3rd. He missed going to state by 5 lbs he did everything he could to make it state and came up short, he also lifted his personal best at the meet.

On squat he lifted : 470 lbs
On Bench : 305 lbs
On Dead Lift: 475 lbs

if you see these gentlemen please congraulate them on an outstanding season!!