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02/19/2013  Bi-District Game SISD  Boys Basketball

The Horns lost a heart breaker last night at the buzzer to Ingram 60 - 58. The Horns had tied the score at 58 all with 11 seconds left. Ingram called time out and got it to their 6'7" post man who hit a shot at the buzz for the win. The Horns finished a fine season with 20 wins and 12 losses. The Horns are young with DaVondrae Lewis Hall as the only senior on the roster. Thanks for your support during the season. Coach Hoog

Other varsity team members: Wes Kutac, Jeff Lara, Daniel Lopez Lara, Kade Vyvjala, Jaylen Carr, Jakob Rehak, Alex Lara, Cullen Machac, Tyler Thompson, Desmond Thompson, Javeon Lara mgr Catarina Sotello